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 Video Game QA Tester

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Game Cloud Technologies

Silver Dreams, A Wing, 3rd floor, DSK Vishwa Rd, Dhayari, Pune, Maharashtra 411041

 Industries: Video-Games, Online Games, Computer Games, Mobile Games, XR, Metaverse

Job Description- Trainee role for Game QA Tester

Core Requirements:

1. Strong interest in Video Game Testing.

2. Great experience of playing games on various platforms.

3. Ability to quickly grasp new tools and technologies.

4. Self-motivated with a strong desire to remain in sync with the latest game

development standards.

5. Excellent communication skills.

6. Self motivated, fully committed, result oriented.

7. Readiness to play and test games on AR/VR platforms.

8. Owning a decent computer/laptop.

9. Owning a decent smartphone(Android or iPhone).

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